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SEO Company India - Simpliti

Ideally, you want your website to rank high on search engines. Effective SEO is a time consuming process and therefore, the sooner you start, the more likely it is that you'll be appearing on coveted spots. If your website isn't optimized, it is not at all existing in the digital world. Simpliti is a renowned SEO services company India, offering a wide gamut of internet marketing services, including, SEO, email marketing, website development, social media, pay per click and many more to help you make your online business more lucrative and rewarding.

SEO is an art which sadly, no one has mastered yet but with years of impeccable experience behind us, we very well customized every SEO plan to best meet the divergent needs of webmasters. It isn't an easy thing to get noticed in the world today and SEO is the jolt of energy that your website needs in order to survive and thrive in the online world. We strongly feel that it is indispensable to create an impressive content that grips readers and earns you more inquiries as the weeks go by. Simpliti is a leading SEO company India that believes in keeping things simple to ensure that great content and service is always upheld.

We are more than an SEO Services India

If you have a tremendous business idea and is keen to launch it on the world's biggest marketplace, otherwise known as the World Wide Web, then unfortunately you will be sad to know that billions of others have already beaten you!

But don't gloom! We, the leading SEO services company India, promise to offer you profound SEO services India, which will force your website to float through the flotsam and rise to the high ranking on search engines. Here high ranking means page one and that is where we want to place your website because as any internet guru will explain, most people browsing for a particular product/service seldom go after page 1. We diligently work towards making things easier for you by being the best at our service and always putting client's interest on top most priority. You can count on us to combat any digital woes.

Why choose Simpliti for SEO India?

  • We are multi- faceted SEO company India because we have separate departments for each of our services, from designing, developing to marketing. It means, there is no need to hire multiple companies to complete your work. We are competent enough to do it for you.
  • Our team of experts offers 24 hour help all year round to resolve any digital marketing glitches. We give assistance through chat, email and phone.
  • We are Google certified partners for both ad words and analytic. It means, we are specialized in both organic SEO and paid advertisement (ppc).
  • Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, entertainment and education and has successfully delivered quantifiable results to meet their diverse project goals.
  • We prefer to take a bottom-line approach to each project, focusing on the specific business goals of the client. As an eminent SEO company India, we endeavor to generate a high return on investment for our vast base of clients through our effective marketing and web designing services.
  • We only assure what we can do and we do what we have assured you. We have a proven track record of hitting work deadlines, staying within budget and having a pro-active approach towards fostering client relation.

Sign up for one of the SEO/SMO packages, depending upon your business need or contact us to get a custom quote.



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How Google's Hummingbird update impacts your SEO?

google hummingbird seo

In the past, whenever we thought about a hummingbird, a hovering and graceful pixie-like creature flashed before our eyes. Now when Google has used this name to represent the latest algorithm update, the small creature is striking fear in the hearts of internet marketers and making them temblors in their booties!

What differentiates Hummingbird from Penguin or Panda is that it is not a change made to the current algorithm, like those two plump animals. Moreover, if we would say that it is one of the most dramatic changes in last 10 years then there would be no exaggeration. It has affected over 90% of searches, according to Google and is therefore, an imperative new algorithm.

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How to improve your website ranking on Google?

Website ranking on google

At times, it can seem to be one of the life's great mysteries (well at least in the digital marketing world), how to rank well on Google. However with Google's recent quest for authenticity, authority, usability and quality, many of the tips that could get your website up on Google ranking 10 years ago might not generate the same results in the present scenario.

Below are the tips on how to optimize your website for Google's algorithm today and beyond-

Tweak your page titles

The meta title and description of your website's home page are indispensable to secure high ranking on search ranking.

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6 Ethical ways to attract more traffic to your website

Web Traffic and Sales

Just because you've created a website doesn't mean search engine or other users will find it by their own. Launching a website is only a first step taken towards harnessing the power of online technology to extend the reachability of organization and finally to increase leads that covert into sales.

However knowing where to start and which tactics to employ can be a challenging task. Changes to the way search engines find and crawl websites even baffled an online marketing expert. Let's have a look on some crucial points which should be considered in order to attract more traffic to the website.

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